Farmville Norfolk and Western Train Station
100th Birthday Party

The Farmville train station celebrated its 100th birthday on the evening of April 15, 2003.  The lovely cake was done by Sarah Schember.  Highbridge Railroad Club set up an intriguing glimpse into the glory-days of railroading. The club is located in the Longwood College Visual Arts Center.  Bob Alden is president of the Highbridge Club. Mrs. Bebe Thompson, daughter of Ralph Wilson, who worked in this area for Norfolk & Western for 60 years, cuts the birthday cake.  During World War II, she remembers her father receiving the death-in-action notices by telegraph and then posting them for the community to read.
A coal-carrying freight train hauls its load with a Norfolk & Western passanger train on the inside track.  In the background a trolly circles the town. Bill Poulston and Bob Flippen discuss the railroad artifacts displays.  The pictures were from the Southside Virginia Historical Press and the railway lanterns were from Edwina Covington. T. V. Owen talks to Nancy Morris, who prepared the punch and table setting.  The floral centerpiece was created by Carters Flower Shop of Farmville with flowers from the garden of Anne Nase.  Finger foods were compliments of other Society members.
Many of the artifacts of the railroad were loaned by Bill Poulston.  The first kerosene lantern was used in the office and the second was used on the train.  The black box is a kerosene rail switch warmer.  Guests enjoy fellowship and refreshments.  Many guests shared memories of leaving for military bases or seeing their loved-ones and friends off. Kay Whitfield and Betty Taylor share memories of the train station with other guests.
Boy Scout Troop 877 of Chester, Virginia, loaned the train set and display for the birthday party. Bob Alden and Hans Martens of the Highbridge Railroad Club set up the display. An entire town with a trolley, freight and passenger service appeared in the train station. People of all ages enjoy the trains on display.
The evening was filled with the sounds and sights of the railroad. The passenger engine pulls through town. The caboose ends the evenings activities.

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