Farmville, Virginia, Norfolk & Western Passenger Station

    In Farmville, Virginia the old N&W passenger station is a structure that has been identified with this communiuty for nearly a century. It came about when Mr. W.P. Venable, in January 1899, circulated a petition among the businessmen in town asking the N&W authorities to erect a new passenger station. The original station had become inadequate and Main Street was blocked for extended periods of time as passengers and freight were loading.
    By August 14, 1902, the new station became a reality as contractor J.P. Pettyjohn, of Lynchburg broke ground for construction. The site was known as the Davis lot, located opposite Scott's crossing and four blocks from the intersection of Main and Third Streets. The structure was completed and opened for service on April 29, 1903.
    Over the years this passenger station has served the citizens of Farmville. It was the first sight the daughters of Virginia saw when they came to Farmville to attend the State Teachers College and it is where our sons embarked to serve in distant wars where many would not return. The station was a place of tearful farewells and joyful reunions. Circus trains parked on adjacent sidings with exotic animals to entertain the citizens. After World War I, the Carter Glass Trophy Train visited and exhibited captured weapons at the station. In 1979 a Pepsi-Cola commercial was filmed there where it captured the essence of heartland America.
    Long after passenger service stopped, the station remained a symbol of our community.  When Norfolk-Southern announced plans to demolish the station, the citizens of Farmville united under the leadership of Amy Castleberry and Beverly Anne Snoddy to save the building. It was subsequently deeded to the town and has been remodeled and continues to serve the people of Farmville.

- Bob Flippen

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