Monthly Happenings in Farmville and Prince Edward County

Southside Virginia Historical Press



1-1-1754    Colonial act establishing Prince Edward County takes effect
1-1-1824    Union Theological Seminary formally opens at Hampden-Sydney
1-2-1898    Fire in Farmville destroys over thirty buildings originating at the corner of Third and North in the Lumpkin  factory. Powder  kegs exploded raining fire on
                 the town.
1-2-1894    Farmville Guard escort former Gov. McKinney back to  Farmville.
1-3-1933    Farmville Mills burned.
1-4-1898    Death of R. L. Dabney, famous Presbyterian theologian, architect, and former county luminary, in Texas
1-5-1942    Tire rationing began in WW II
1-8-1754    First convening of Prince Edward County court
1-8-2004    Commemorative postmark, first day issue, 250th anniversary for Prince Edward County
1-14-1813   Virginia General Assembly declares the Buffalo River a "public highway" from its mouth at Farmville to Carter's Mill
1-14-1904    Farmville Dispensary opened.
1-15-1798    Farmville's birthday.  Established by act of the Virginia General Assembly.
1-17-1898    B.S. Hooper, Republican congressman    (1883-1885) from Farmville, died.
1-18-1952    Pedestrian lights installed at Third & Main
1-18-1980    Death of county's noted civil rights leader, Rev. L. Francis Griffin
1-20-1977    The Red Lyon was destroyed by fire.
1-21-1880    P.H. Jackson, tobacconist and host to Robert E. Lee, died.
1-22-1821    Dr. James T. Spencer born
1-22-1869    U.S. military replaces 52-year Clerk of Court Branch Worsham with carpetbagger appointee Joseph Jorgenson
1-22-1901    The First National Bank opened its doors for business
1-22-1905    T. J. Davis, Farmville grocer, died aged 80 years
1-23-1940    24 inches of snow blankets area
1-23-2008    Clyde Jefferson Davis, respected Pontiac GMC truck dealer for 50 years, died of a heart attack, age 82
1-27-1857    Hampden-Sydney student Ned Longhorne kills schoolmate Charles Edie in Cushing Hall in an "affair of honor"
1-27-1870    Virginia Senators and Representatives sit in Congress for the first time since 1861
1-28-1858    Large fire damages much of downtown Farmville
1-28-1891    Dr. Horace Grymes Taliaferro, chief of Confederate General Hospital, died
1-29-1922    24 inches of snow fell
1-30-1920    Dr. Peter Winston, physician, druggist, and mayor died at age 84
1-31-1977    Gov. Godwin orders strict energy conservation measures

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2-1-1775    At Slate Hill plantation Hanover Presbytery plans "an Academy in Prince Edward," soon named Hampden-Sydney
2-1-1806    Virginia General Assembly appointed commissioners to survey a canal from the Buffalo River to the Roanoke River
2-2-1775    Presbytery accepts Peter Johnston's offer of 100 acres of land for the new college, Hampden-Sydney
2-2-1924    Tobacco prizery owned by W.P. Gilliam burned
2-3-1775    Presbytery appoints Samuel Stanhope Smith rector of the new college, Hampden-Sydney
2-3-1803    Gen. Joseph Eggleston Johnston (USA and CSA) born at Longwood plantation
2-3-1942    Company G mobilized for service in World War II
2-4-1861    John T. Thornton elected county representative to state secession convention
2-7-1797    Gov. Beverly Randolph died
2-7-1870    Charles Edward Burrell, county historian, born
2-8-1825    Virginia General Assembly incorporates Junction Canal Company to build a canal from the Buffalo to the Roanoke River
2-8-1845    Virginia General Assembly creates Appomattox County from parts of Prince Edward and three other counties
2-8-1944    Charles Edward Burrell, county historian, died
2-9-1762    First court record of a passable bridge at Rutledge's Ford--later the site of Farmville
2-9-1892    George Richardson appointed postmaster
2-10-1918    H.E. Barrow, former mayor, died
2-11-1824    Birth of W. H. Ruffner, first president of Farmville State Normal School
2-11-1994    State Theater collapses
2-12-1871    Decision made to move county seat from Worsham to Farmville
2-12-1872    County seat moves from Worsham to Farmville
2-13-1786    Patrick Henry refuses membership in U.S. Constitutional Convention
2-13-1901    Legislature passes act establishing the Farmville Dispensary
2-15-1907    Farmville had Virginia's last execution by hanging before electrocution adopted. Jesse Ruffin and Massey Hill were the condemned
2-16-1781    Prince Edward militiamen leave old court house to reinforce Gen. Greene at Dan River
2-19-1945    Farmville livestock market conducts first sale
2-23-1934    Prince Edward Mills commences operation on site of earlier mill
2-25-1952    Oliver Hill argues NAACP's Prince Edward case before U.S. District Court
2-26-1900    Farmville Town Council votes against licensing the private sales of intoxicants; all sales to be through an officially sanctioned Dispensary Board
2-27-1833    Virginia General Assembly incorporates Farmville as a town
2-27-1942    Parking meters came to Main Street
2-28-1820    Birth of W. W. H. Thackston, Farmville mayor and dentist, who founded the Virginia Dental Association

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3-1-1841   Blanche Kelso Bruce, first black U.S. Senator (elected from Mississippi), born in Farmville
3-1-1899  Gov. P.W. McKinney died at his home in Farmville
3-1-1917  Farmville Guard returned from Mexican Expedition.
3-1-1943  Word War II canned goods rationing began
3-2-1942    World War II defense training classes begin for Prince Edward citizens
3-2-1964  Prince Edward Hotel collapses while under renovation,,,,
3-3-1884  Farmville and Powhatan Railroad chartered (narrow-gauge line to James River)
3-4-1903  Tobacco factory known as "Dunlop's" burned, half million pounds of tobacco lost
3-4-1913  Farmville Guard marches at Woodrow Wilson's Inaugural
3-4-1949  East wing of State Teachers College burned, displacing 46 students
3-5-1839  Farmville Female Seminary established by local supporters (official birth date of Longwood University)
3-5-1846  The South Side Rail Road chartered
3-6-1935  Birth of Barbara Johns, organizer of 1951 student strike at Moton School
3-7-1884  Virginia General Assembly passes law establishing State Female Normal School to train teachers at the already-existing "female seminary"
3-7-1886  State Female Normal School incorporated
3-7-1921  J.B. Wall purchased The Farmville Herald
3-8-1938     Farmville Rotary Club organized
3-10-1816    Judith Randolph, Farmville's "matriarch" died in Richmond, farm from Bizarre plantation
3-12-1896    Farmville Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy organized
3-12-1956    "Southern Manifesto" introduced in U.S. Congress as regional attempt to offset effects of Brown v. Board of Education
3-13-1926    Devastating fire on Main St.. burns 8 buildings in seven hours
3-13-1974    Uniroyal began finishing golf balls in the Farmville plant
3-15-1781    Peter Francisco and dozens of Prince Edward volunteers support Continental Gen. Greene at Battle of Guilford C. H. in North Carolina
3-15-1924    Star Warehouse burned to the ground
3-17-1917    Garden Club organized
3-19-1872    Last session held in 118-year old county court at Worsham
3-20-1775    Patrick Henry's "LIberty or Death" speech in Richmond
3-20-1821    Hampden-Sydney trustees begin plans for its signature building New College (Cushing Hall)
3-21-1891    Gen. Joseph Eggleston Johnston died in Washington D.C.
3-21-1903    All saloons closed under the dispensary act
3-22-1807    Former U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr spends night as prisoner at Prince Edward tavern on the way to his trial for treason
3-23-1861    The tobacco factory of Peters & Blanton burned
3-23-1902    "Billy" the Herald's office mocking bird found dead
3-24-1975    Amtrak's first stop in town "The Mountaineer" made the pull
3-26-1872    First session of carpetbagger-sanctioned county court at relocated judicial site in Farmville
3-27-1837    Farmville and Danville Railroad Co. chartered
3-28-1954    Fluorine is added to the water supply
3-28-1962    Martin Luther King, Jr., visits Farmville in support of reopening the public school system
3-29-1897    McDaniel family opens county's first private school for black children
3-29-1957    Hampden-Sydney's McIlwaine Hall burns under suspicious circumstances
3-31-1938    Farmville Rotary Club chartered

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4-2-1905    The first black Baptist Church freed itself of indebtedness
4-3-1944    Gov. Darden attends banquet honoring the local company of Virginia State Guard
4-4-1902    "The Gladiator" opens at the Opera House
4-6-1865    Confederate forces are defeated in several battles along Saylor's Creek
4-6-1865    Gen. Robert E. Lee spends the night at Farmville's Randolph House hotel
4-7-1865    High Bridge partially burned;  skirmish at Worsham; Federals occupy Hampden-Sydney; battles at Cumberland Church and Plank Road, Farmville occupied
4-7-1865    Gen. U. S. Grant, staying at Randolph House hotel, sends a note to Lee encouraging surrender
4-8-1865    U.S. Army segments consolidate at Prospect depot en route to Appomattox Court House
4-8-1896    Odd Fellows Lodge organized
4-9-1865    Army of Northern Virginia surrenders to Gen. Grant at Appomattox Court House
4-10-1865    Gen. Grant spends night near Prospect United Methodist Church
4-10-1922    First motorized fire truck acquired
4-12 -1861   Regional Congressman Roger Pryor helps to open fire on Fort Sumter
4-12-1892    Farmville Populist Party organized
4-12-1917    Farmville Guard dispatched to St. Paul, Virginia, to guard bridges and tunnels
4-13-1803    Initial meeting of board of Buffalo Circulating Library
4-13-1920    Mrs. Martha E. Forrester holds first meeting of her Council of Negro Women
4-14-1938    Asa Dickinson Watkins, sheriff, judge, commonwealth attorney, died
4-14-1974    Coronary Intensive Care Unit opens at Southside Community Hospital
4-15-1895    Thornton-Pickett Camp of United Confederate Veterans organized
4-15-1933    Roy Clark born nearby in Meherrin
4-15-1987    Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library opens; formed by merger of Reading Room and Public Library
4-16-1865    Memorial service for President Lincoln is held in Farmville Presbyterian Church
4-17-1924    B. M. Cox, sheriff, postmaster, Normal School business manager, died
4-21-1861    County representative J. T. Thornton votes for Virginia secession (vote: 88-55)
4-21-1936    Farmville High School burns
4-22-1866    Henry Watkins Allen dies in exile in Mexico City
4-22-1892    Birth of civil rights leader, Dr. Vernon Johns, near Darlington Heights
4-22-1901    Constitutionality of the Dispensary argued before Judge George Hundley
4-23-1919    Carter Glass trophy train came to Farmville displaying captured World War I weapons and material
4-23-1951    450 Moton High School students stage strike, protesting inadequate facilities
4-24-2001    The Rotunda and Ruffner East and West destroyed by fire; Grainger Hall destroyed beyond repair
4-25-1946    Thomas Hardy Graham VFW Post organized.
4-25-1953    Robert Morris Chapter Order of the Eastern Star initiated
4-26-1924    Taylor Manufacturing Company located end of Buffalo Street burned
4-27-1905    Lodge No. 200 Odd Fellows organized here
4-27-1951    Farmville Herald dismisses Moton student strike as a "lack of discipline"
4-29-1820    Henry Watkins Allen, Brigadier General, CSA, and governor of Louisiana born near Farmville
4-29-1895    Philanthropist Lewis Ginter offers Richmond site for relocating Union Seminary
4-29-1901    All saloons in Farmville closed by liquor Dispensary law
4-29-1903    Farmville N&W Passenger Station opened
4-29-1916    Farmville Dispensary closes
4-30-1904    Colonel Richard A. Booker, Captain of Farmville Guard, tobacconist and proprietor of Randolph House, died

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5-1-1832    Gov. Philip Watkins McKinney born in Buckingham
5-2-1894    First official proposal by trustees to move Presbyterian seminary from its 70-year existence at Hampden-Sydney
5-3-1905    Farmville Guard left for Richmond to attend funeral of Major General Fitzhugh Lee
5-4-1895    Farmville Guard called to Pocahontas to guard working men from violence at the hands of strikers
5-4-1901    The first "dry" Saturday in Farmville history; no liquor sales
5-5-1942    World War II sugar rationing begins
5-5-1996     WFLO tower collapses
5-6-1776    William Watts and William Booker elected Prince Edward representatives to convention to establish constitution for Commonwealth, to replace colonial rule
5-6-1965    J.J. Newberry Department Store at Third and Main burned.
5-7-1846    Town and citizens decide to buy $100,000 stock to secure railroad service to Farmville; original South Side Railroad proposal would have linked county
                 seats, taking railroad through Worsham
5-7-1978    Farmville Flea Market opened at new Randolph Warehouse
5-10-1905    Odd Fellows Lodge instituted
5-10-1926    Dr. W. E. Anderson died
5-11-1964    U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy visits Farmville schools
5-12-1894    Farmville Herald begins editorial campaign to keep Union Seminary at Hampden-Sydney
5-12-1920    Fire department draft horse "Charlie" drops dead after pulling engine to fire on Buffalo Street
5-14-1937    Patterson's Drug Company buys stock of Canada Drug Company
5-15-1942    Gasoline rationing began during World War II
5-17-1954    U.S. Supreme Court rules on Brown v. Board, unanimously, striking down "separate-but-equal" public education with Prince Edward case included
5-20-1834    Birth of Hampden-Sydney president Richard McIlwaine, who represented Prince Edward county in Virginia Constitutional Convention
5-23-1901    The Masons meet for the first time in their new Lodge room
5-24-1777    Thomas Anderson Morton, who operated first store in Farmville on Second Street opposite Morton's tavern, was born
5-24-1833    Death of area famous Congressman John Randolph of Roanoke
5-24-1902    Charlotte, Farmville and James River Valley Railroad Company organized
5-26-1898    Farmville Guard leaves for service in Spanish-American War
5-26-1918    Farmville Guard leaves for service in World War I
5-27-1887    J. W. Dunnington, tobacconist, died
5-28-1832    Charles H. Erambert, lt. Farmville Guard, photographer, born
5-28-1963    Civil War era locomotive "The General" visits Farmville
5-29-1736    Birth of Patrick Henry, sometime resident of, and delegate from, Prince Edward
5-30-1905    First memorial service for Confederate dead held at  the  cemetery in Cumberland
5-31-1897    Earthquake and  aftershocks rattled window panes

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6-1-2001    Telephone Area Code changes from 804 to 434
6-2-1959    Board of Supervisors announces its intention to cease funding of public school system in Prince Edward until further notice
6-4-1894    Hampden-Sydney College trustees vote unanimously to oppose "by any legal and moral means" Union Seminary's possible move elsewhere
6-5-1788    Prince Edward delegate to Virginia Convention, Patrick Henry, argue against ratifying U.S. Constitution due to centralized power and no bill of rights
6-5-1905    Crosses of Honor presented to many Farmville Confederates
6-5-1836    Dr. Peter Winston, Surgeon Confederate Hospital, mayor, delegate, born
6-6-1749    License issued for Anderson's Ordinary in Worsham area as condition for establishing the new Prince Edward County court there
6-6-1907    Charles Bugg, grocer and postmaster, died
6-6-1923    Farmville Lions Club chartered
6-6-1944     Farmville veterans participate in Normandy invasion (D-Day).
6-7-1905    Gov. Montague addressed the graduating class of the Normal School.
6-7-1905    Narrow-gauge Farmville and Powhatan Railroad sold and renamed Tidewater and Western, but nicknamed "Tired and Weary"
6-8-1791    George Washington crossed the Appomattox River at Rutledge's bridge near end of Bridge Street and spent night in Prince Edward Court House village
6-9-1761    Petition sent to Cumberland Court to allow a bridge into Prince Edward
6-9-1798    John Woodson surveys the town's first lots
6-9-1924    Work starts on Hotel Weyanoke
6-10-1926    Confederate Veteran State Convention in Farmville
6-10-1943    Cannery opened in the basement of Farmville High School
6-11-1926    Confederate veterans go to Appomattox Court House
6-12-1926    S. W. Paulett elected State Commander at UCV Convention
6-12-1820    R. S. Paulett, Farmville tobacconist, born
6-12-1861    The Randolph Guard mustered into service
6-12-1934    Council requests a state liquor store be opened in Farmville
6-12-1943    Farmville's Lt. Robert L. Gilbert shoots down three Japanese planes during Solomon Islands campaign
6-13-1854    Hampden-Sydney trustees reluctantly acquiesce to actions of Virginia General Assembly assuming governance of the college's Medical Department
                  (now MCV)
6-15-1898    Spreading rails causes wreck on Farmville & Powhatan Railroad
6-17-1903    Farmville Guard ordered to Richmond to quell labor riots
6-17-1942    First darkness to dawn blackout. Air raid preparation
6-19-1775    Prince Edward committeemen pass resolutions condemning action of Royal Governor Dunmore in moving gunpowder from Williamsburg
6-19-1916    Farmville Guard receive orders to prepare for duty in Mexico
6-19-1922    Farmville Creamery began operations
6-21-1972    Hurricane Agnes brings Farmville's worst flood.
6-22-1914    Rail traffic diverted to the new steel High Bridge which replace the wooden one
6-22-1916    Farmville Guard ordered to military duty along U.S.-Mexican border
6-23-1918    Robert B. Berkeley, Dr., lawyer, newspaper editor, died
6-24-1906    The last services were held in the Methodist Church before the old structure was torn down
6-26-1796    Benjamin H. Latrobe arrives at Bizarre
6-26-1909    Dr. James L. White, founder White Drug Company, died
6-26-1908    Socialist J. L. Fitts, addressed local farmers
6-26-1918    Birth of noted Prince Edward entrepeneur-philanthropist J. B. Fuqua
6-28-1783    County's eight-year-old Hampden-Sydney College finally officially chartered by Virginia General Assembly
6-28-1929    E. H. Irby scores Farmville Golf Club's first hole-in-one
6-29-1897    Daughters of the Confederacy gave basket picnic at Lithia Springs.

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7-1-1900    Leslie Fogus joins Farmville police.
7-1-1934    Craddock-Terry commences manufacturing shoes.
7-1-2000    Longwood College assumes new designation as Longwood University
7-2-1896    Solomon Marable hanged for the murder of Mrs. Pollard
7-3-1902    The first automobile makes its appearance in Farmville; it was driven by Mr. A.F. Herman of Richmond, on his way to Lynchburg
7-4-1776    George Walton (born near Farmville, ca 1741) signs Declaration of Independence as delegate from Georgia
7-6-1901    Lightning strikes the Presbyterian Church steeple causing fire and $300 in damage
7-7-1901    Bottling house at Lithia Springs burned
7-10-1927    Amandus Cox, livery stable operator, died
7-10-1928    First traffic light installed at Third and Main streets
7-11-1861    "Hampden-Sydney Boys" military company surrenders after battle of Rich Mountain in present-day West Virginia
7-12-1864    Birth of Henry R. McIlwaine at Hampden-Sydney (Virginia State Librarian, 1907-1934)
7-13-1781    Notorious British calvaryman, Colonel Banastre Tarleton, raids area around Prince Edward Court House village
7-16-1832    Hampden-Sydney literary society requests that Bible be taught as a college course
7-17-1825    James T. Gray, Farmville tobacconist, born
7-17-1843    First class meets at Farmville Female Seminary, which was founded in 1839
7-18-1955    A three-judge Federal Court rules the Prince Edward County will have to desegregate its public schools
7-22-1903    Southside Telephone Company chartered
7-23-1864    Dr. J.R. Spencer born
7-23-1836    The Mineralogical Society of Virginia formed in Worsham
7-26-1940    Farmville is the nation's hot spot.  Thermometer tops 135° and then explodes!
7-27-1896    The Pythians reorganize their lodge here.

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8-1-1922    Death of prominent Prince Edward tobacco merchant Walter Grey Dunnington, owner of Poplar Hill
8-2-1897    Civil rights activist W. E. B. DuBois studies Prince Edward County's black population for U.S. Labor Commission report
8-4-1851    Francis Carr and Christian Ehrman contracted with the Southside Railroad to build the High Bridge original wooden superstructure.
8-4-1899    Edward Wiltse, jeweler and silversmith, died
8-4-1922    J. C. Brickert seeks location at Third and Randolph streets to locate Farmville's first service station
8-5-1942    First daylight air raid test
8-8-1907    Prince Edward Hotel opened
8-8-1952    Farmville Drive-in opened on Route 15 just south of Farmville
8-10-1993    By-laws adopted for Rural Education Foundation, creating the Fuqua School that replace Prince Edward Academy
8-14-1902    Work commences to build Norfolk & Western station
8-14-1945    County-wide nighttime celebrations for end of World War II
8-17-1947    WFLO went on the air
8-18-1913    Henry Lindsey elected Fire Chief
8-19-1962    Sayler's Creek Battlefield Park dedicated
8-20-1969    Hurricane Camille brings flooding to Farmville
8-24-1884    Farmville Lithia Springs incorporate
8-26-1867    Prince Edward resident and nationally-recognized educator Robert Rousa Moton born in Amelia County
8-27-1894    Gov. O'Ferrall arrives for visit to Farmville
8-27-1909    Farmville Silver Band's first open air concert
8-30-1895    The Confederate Monument Association organized
8-30-1905    Partial eclipse of the sun witnessed

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9-1-1775    Williamsburg newspaper carries first advertisement for new college for men to open sometime that fall in Prince Edward
9-1-1902    30 cars of processed tobacco leave for Norway
9-1-1891    Farmville Silver Band organized
9-2-1964    County's public school system reopens as an integrated system, after being closed for five years
9-3-1831    Union Seminary founder John Holt Rice dies
9-3-1906    The first brick of the Methodist church was laid in northwest corner
9-4-1919    Farmville turns out to welcome its returning World War I veterans
9-5-1898    Union Theological Seminary moves to Richmond
9-5-1935    Hurricane-spawned tornado damages trees and buildings at Hampden-Sydney and Kingsville
9-6-1893    Noted Negro, Goliath Armistead died
9-6-1933    Virginia Dark-Fired Tobacco Warehousemen's Association organized at Planters Warehouse
9-6-1933    Farmville Council approves sale of "near beer" (3.2% alcohol)
9-7-1897    Norfolk & Western Railroad fined by Mayor Burton for excessive speed in town
9-9-1885    Opera House contracted to be built by Burton and Davis
9-11-1934    Farmville's ABC store opened
9-13-1944    Honor Roll of World War II veterans unveiled on Courthouse lawn
9-15-1907    Prof. August Schemmel, opens Farmville's Conservatory of Music
9-16-2008    Lester E. Andrews, Sr., prominent businessman of Farmville Manufacturing and Andrews, Large, and Whidden, Inc. and civic leader, died
9-17-1862    Prominent county lawyer J. T. Thornton is mortally wounded in battle at Sharpsburg, Maryland
9-20-1809    Missouri governor and Confederate Major General Sterling Price born near Hampden-Sydney
9-22-1865    High Bridge reopens to regular traffic five months after being burned during the retreat
9-22-1914    County voters approve (640-205) request for statewide Prohibition
9-23-1890    After a bitterly contested election, Republican Party seats black educator J. M. Langston as this district's U.S. Congressman
9-23-1923    Birth of county's famed soldier and educator, Lt. Gen. Samuel V. Wilson
9-24-1776    Buffalo Presbyterian Church Session adopts "Petition for Religious Liberty" which was eventually sent to Virginia House of Delegates
9-24-1890    Tobacconist, J.W. Dunnington, born
9-25-1869    Rev. Daniel Witt baptizes over forty people in Miller's mill pond
9-25-1922    Charles Edward Burrell published A History of Prince Edward County, Virginia from its Formation in 1753, to the Present
9-25-1912    Fire Prevention Bureau meets and Farmville businesses pass inspection
9-28-1728    First known land grant to settler in Prince Edward area goes to Richard Jarvis, Jr., for property along the Bush River
9-28-1917    Birth of a Nation plays at the Normal School auditorium
9-28-1955    The old armory on Main Street was sold at auction for $45,000
9-30-1933    County voters approve bond issue to build present courthouse

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10-1-1928    President Eggleston restores spelling "Sydney" in college's name to match 1783 Charter
10-2-1892    Colored Baptist Church dedicated
10-3-1933    County citizens vote in favor (461-436) of retaining Prohibition
10-4-1798    First sale of lots in newly surveyed town of Farmville; purchasers agreed to build within 7 years
10-8-1890    John O. Collins, local inventor, receives gold medal from Paris World's Fair for his railroad car coupler
10-9-1898    Dr. John Atkinson Cunningham, second president of the State Female Normal school, dies in Farmville
10-10-1910    Buck Fuqua, black restaurateur, died
10-11-1900    Confederate Monument unveiled, honoring county's eight military companies
10-11-1918    Farmville native, Wiltshire C. Davis, 116th Infantry, receives distinguished Service Cross and the Croix de Guerre for bravery in battle exhibited near Verdun.
10-11-1979    Pepsi Cola commercial filmed at the Farmville train station.
10-12-1909    Remains of Gov. Beverly Randolph re-intered at West View cemetery
10-15-1902    O. T. Wicker, postmaster, mayor, councilman, died
10-15-1954    Hurricane Hazel comes through Farmville
10-15-1909    Andrew Reid Venable, Inspector General for J.E.B. Stuart, commission merchant, died
10-16-1859    John Brown's Harper's Ferry raid produces many enlistments for Prince Edward militia
10-19-1781    British surrender at Yorktown assures free county government
10-20-1871    Cornerstone laid for Prince Edward Courthouse in Farmville
10-20-1884    State Female Normal School opened with 110 students
10-20-1925    Hotel Weyanoke opens
10-21-1948    Farmville Sesquicentennial celebrated
10-21-1998    Farmville epicenter for an earthquake 1:57 a.m., 3.3 Richter scale
10-23-1897    Kappa Delta Sorority organized at the Normal School
10-24-1845    S.W. Paulette, Farmville's "old Reb", born
10-24-1946    Dabney S. Lancaster inaugurated president of State Teachers College
10-27-1859    Hampden-Sydney alumnus and future Confederate Brig. Gen. Roger Proyer is elected U.S. Congressman from this district
10-27-1901    Fire destroyed the dog pound of Farmville
10-29-1907    Several citizens witnessed the falling of a dazzling meteor

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11-1-1926    The Longwood Garden Club
11-2-1908    Free mail delivery began in Farmville
11-3-1857    66 Negro slaves emancipated in the will of John Watson begin the journey to resettlement in Liberia
11-3-1941    The old electric plant at foot of Randolph Street burned
11-7-1898    A.A. Cox's livery stable burns with 9 horses
11-7-1908    County historian Herbert Clarence Bradshaw born in Rice
11-8-1917    R. A. Baldwin died, founder of Baldwin's
11-9-1895    First fire fought with water from a plug. Mrs. Sallie Hunt's residence on Baptist Hill
11-10-1900    The First National Bank organized
11-11-1918    Farmville holds large nighttime celebration for World War I armistice declaration
11-12-1905    Lutheran Church dedicated.
11-13-1912    The Methodists, Baptists and Presbyterians have numerous religious conversions take place.
11-15-1890    The Farmville Herald begins publication
11-17-1753    Bill passes colonial Assembly to divide Amelia County, creating Prince Edward County
11-17-1894    County voters reject bond issue for 7-mile connection to Hampden-Sydney
11-17-1923    South wing of Normal School burned
11-18-1926    Southside Community Hospital opened
11-19-1867    Birth of noted educator and longtime Longwood president, Joseph L. Jarman
11-22-1875    Death of pioneer surgeon and medical educator, Dr. John Peter Mettauer
11-23-1893    Z.A. Blanton, Captain Farmville Guard, councilman, Planters Bank assistant cashier, died.
11-23-1902    Death of famed medical researcher Dr. Walter Reed, a childhood resident of Prince Edward
11-25-1836    Farmville Baptist Church organized
11-26-1917    Construction begins on a new Post Office, present-day U.S. Federal Building
11-29-1796    Petition presented to Virginia General Assembly for founding Jamestown, on the Appomattox River east of Farmville
11-29-1942    World War II coffee rationing began.

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12-1-1904    First rural mail route opens in county; it would not be free until 1930's
12-1-1947    Southside Council on Health Care organized
12-1-1892    J. R. Martin elected Captain, Farmville Guard
12-2-1836    N. E. Venable, Confederate marine, druggist, born
12-3-1940    H.C. Crute, druggist and water works patron, died
12-4-1890    Petition presented to Farmville Town Council to obtain electric service
12-5-1944    George M. Robeson, founder of Farmville Manufacturing Company and international plow-handle mogul, died
12-4-1969    Steeple replaced on the Presbyterian Church
12-8-1899    W. W. H. Thackston, mayor, Virginia Dental Association founder, died
12-9-1952    U.S. Supreme Court hearings begin on appeals by Prince Edward and other jurisdictions on "separate-but-equal" public school systems
12-11-1850    Farmville Lodge No. 41 Ancient Free and Accepted Masons chartered by Grand Lodge of Virginia
12-11-1889    Baptist Church has memorial service for Jefferson Davis
12-12-1849    Walter Grey Dunnington, tobacconist, born
12-14-1900    Banquet honoring Joseph Mannoni held at Randolph House
12-17-1873    County's first agricultural Grange chapter met near Prospect
12-19-1753    Virginia's Royal Governor Dinwiddie signs bill to divide Amelia County, creating Prince Edward County
12-22-1795    Virginia General Assembly incorporates the "Upper Appomattox Company" designed to clear the Appomattox River for navigation from Petersburg
                     to Farmville and beyond
12-23-1905    Prof. Mattoon severely burned while impersonating Santa Claus at the Normal School.
12-24-1844    Col. Charles McKinney Walker, commission merchant, born
12-25-1885    Union Seminary faculty reluctantly approves one-day Christmas holiday
12-27-1860    Moses Tredway, innkeeper and town trustee, died
12-29-1890    Farmville Electric Light, Heat and Power Company franchised
12-30-1938    Farmville Manufacturing Company wins bid to build new courthouse

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